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Fingerboard Workout Cover

Featured Project

Fingerboard Workout is a compilation of some of my favorite and most useful approaches that I have discovered and developed for exploring the guitar. The exercises and thought processes behind them are suitable for players of all styles and levels.

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Booking & Info: 916 612.8232

Habanero Live

Habañero Live

Enjoy a hot live recording from Habañero, saluting son Cubano, the rhythmic pulse of Latin jazz and salsa. Habañero is led by guitarist and tres player Doug Pauly and vibraphonist Rob Lautz backed by the crack rhythm team of bassist Kerry Kashiwagi, drummer Brian Kendrick and percussionist Kamau Mensah. Recorded live at the Stockton Arts Commission Jazz Series at the Oak Park Center, Stockton, CA on October 11, 2003.

CD Program

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Que Vive Chango (mp3)Que Vive Chango

Jaguey (mp3)Jaguey

El Cuarto de Tula (mp3)El Cuarto de Tula

Cubanchero (mp3)Cubanchero

Also includes: Son Para Ti, Volver a Verte, Chan Chan, Mandinga, Veinte Años,
El Negro Benbon, Misterioso, Amanece el Nuevo Año

CDs are $12 each. BUY NOW with PayPal!

Or contact Doug at (916) 612.8232 or
Available in Sacramento at Guitar Workshop (916) 441.6555 and Kline Music (916) 456.8742.