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Featured CD: Play Nice

The Doug Pauly Trio, guitarist and tres player Doug, drummer Rick Lotter and bassist Paul Klempau are joined by vocalist Meleva Steiert for a musical mashup featuring jazz, latin and popular tunes. Featuring special guest Mike McMullen on saxophone and flute.

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Booking & Info: 916 612.8232

Habanero Live

Music Instruction

Doug is an enthusiastic and knowledgable educator. He has spent years crafting lessons that students find both challenging and rewarding. In addition to pure musical craftsmanship, students learn to respect and enjoy the infinite nature of incremental progress, a useful Daily Life Skill.

He teaches privately at The Guitar Workshop in Sacramento, California. Contact Doug if you are interested in lessons.

Fingerboard Workout

Fingerboard Workout is a compilation of some of my favorite and most useful approaches that I have discovered and developed for exploring the guitar. The exercises and thought processes behind them are suitable for players of all styles and levels. Illustrations by Kurt Kland add a funtastical flavor to the volume. 168 pages. $27.50 (includes shipping and handling)

Here are a few sample pages from the book for you to view and a few audio samples to listen to as you view the exercise excerpts. To download PDFs, please right-click (control-click on MAC) to access the contextual menu and choose “Download linked file...”

PDF icon Download and view the Table of Contents >>

PDF icon Download sample page from the Arpeggio chapter >>

Frozen Voicings (mp3)Listen to Frozen Voicings excerpt (p.44)

PDF icon Download sample pages from the Fourths chapter >>

Fourth Voicings (mp3)Listen to Fourth Voicings excerpt (p.75)

PDF icon Download sample page from the Chord Studies chapter >>

Fun Chords (mp3)Listen to Fun Chords excerpt (p.158)

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